Interprofessional Group of Manufacturers for Marketing Study
24/05/2023 | Sell, market, distribute

How to sell well to buyers and large accounts in the B2B sector?

The outcome of B2B prospecting with major accounts is difficult to predict. How to maximize your chances of success?

12/04/2022 | Gifec

Plenary meeting of 29 March 2022 on CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility, a lever for competitiveness

15/02/2022 | Gifec

DIGITAL SEMINAR 15 February 2022

The concept of "marketplace" and new distribution methods in the digital age

09/02/2022 | The digital transformation of companies

How is B2B distribution evolving thanks to digital tools?

Many retailers still rely on outdated marketing practices when new tools are available.

21/01/2022 | The digital transformation of companies

How are B2B sales techniques changing?

The desire for companies to have access to a digital offer and expertise is leading to a change in sales techniques.

20/01/2022 | Gifec

Plenary meeting of January 18, 2022 / plenum

growth strategies in BtoB Ecommerce by 2023 / growth strategies in BtoB Ecommerc

10/01/2022 | Gifec


keep the link alive despite the unprecedented health and economic crisis

12/12/2021 | The digital transformation of companies

Social selling: how to use Linkedin for commercial purposes

In BtoB, social selling is mainly done on LinkedIn. Here's how to succeed in your business development efforts on this professional network.

07/12/2021 | Gifec

Plenary meeting of November 23 / plenum

on customer relations and how to collect data on end users

09/11/2021 | Sell, market, distribute

B2B, the new buying behaviour

The behaviour of the professional buyer is broadly similar to that of the private consumer, with some specificities.

28/10/2021 | Gifec

Digital seminar on October 26, 2021/webinar

New purchasing behaviours and best practices in terms of commercial relations through digital tools

26/10/2021 | The digital transformation of companies

Remote selling: how to use it?

Remote selling is booming and B2B sales techniques have a lot to gain by incorporating remote selling into their strategy.

20/09/2021 | Gifec

Plenary meeting of September 14, 2021

Happy to finally be in the classroom! Happy to finally meet face to face!

19/09/2021 | Gifec

Export Club

September 13, 2021 meeting

29/06/2021 | Gifec

Plenary of June 29, 2021

Many Gifec members reflected on this vital theme following a strong demand from the congress at the end of March. Gifec will continue its work on the subject in the coming months.

09/06/2021 | Gifec

New governance at Gifec

New governance at Gifec

08/06/2021 | Gifec

SAM OUTILLAGE enters the Elysée Palace!

SAM outillage will be present on the 3rd and 4th of July at the Great Exhibition of Made in France which will take place in the prestigious walls of the Elysée Palace. Selected from among 2,300 applications,...

17/05/2021 | Gifec

Digital seminar on 5 May 2021

The crisis is accelerating change, new modes of customer relations, supply and distribution.

30/04/2021 | Gifec

The know-how and expertise of Nov'In and T2S have been rewarded at the Mat d'Or 2021

DATI PLUS, a device for alerting lone workers, was awarded this year's prize "Elected as an Innovation by Building and Civil Engineering Professionals." More than 64,000 professionals have voted for ...

24/03/2021 | Members


by videoconference with work in sub-groups and interactive animations

23/02/2021 | Gifec

Plenary of February 23, 2021

with the intervention of REXECODE on the economic situation and forecasts

08/02/2021 | Gifec


GIFEC held its first 100% online seminar

15/01/2021 | Gifec



19/11/2020 | Gifec

Philippe Dessertine Conference

Impacts of the period and prospects for French industry

19/11/2020 | Gifec

the GIFEC meetings

We had the pleasure of exchanging views with 3 major distribution leaders via video conference.

02/10/2020 | Gifec


from September 24, 2020

02/10/2020 | Gifec


September 23, 2020

26/06/2020 | Gifec

Plenary meeting - Thursday, June 25

How to organise the resumption of activity at the manufacturers, our distributors and our customers

14/06/2020 | Gifec

New Secretary General of GIFEC

Gifec presents its new Secretary General

22/01/2020 | Gifec

RUBIX - Tuesday JANUARY 21

Nice meeting with Franck Voisin and Marc Le Corvaisier who came to present the OREXAD organisation

01/01/2020 | Gifec

2019 Activities

2019 Activities

01/01/2019 | Gifec

2018 Activities

2018 Activities