Interprofessional Group of Manufacturers for Marketing Study

Gifec, Groupement Interprofessionnel de Fabricants pour l'Etude de la Commercialisation, (Interprofessional Group of Manufacturers for the Study of Marketing) is an association under the French law of 1901, created in 1972, which brings together 45 members, SMEs and international groups.

These companies design, manufacture and market industrial products for a wide range of markets: automotive, aeronautics, railways, food processing, civil and military equipment, shipyards, chemicals and petrochemicals, other industries, but also construction, craftsmen, do-it-yourself, etc. They sell either through professional distributors or direct sales.

GIFEC in brief :

  • 47 industrialists
  • manufacturers of industrial products
  • partners of a network of distributors
  • whose objective is to discuss subjects relating to commercial relations and major current issues

four main categories of products are represented:

- Machining (cutting tools, abrasives, metrology, etc.)

- Power transmission (mechanical, hydraulic, compressed air, sealing...)

- Assembly and tooling (welding, glues and adhesives, hand and portable tools, industrial gases, PPE, equipment...)

- Equipment and personal protection: hearing, breathing, gloves, shoes, fall protection, etc. 

Gifec is a think tank on:

  • The evolution of the industrial market
  • Marketing methods
  • The impact of brand image
  • Analysis of the needs and purchasing behaviour of user customers




  • Exchange best practices to better serve customers
  • Improve performance in sales force management functions
  • Acquire knowledge on trends and perspectives of industrial markets
  • Analyse the evolution of distribution networks, sales channels and new marketing methods
  • Putting manufacturers and distributors in touch with each other
  • Publish market indicators
  • Implementing foresight on the factories of tomorrow, export markets, etc.
  • Monitor markets and tools and share this knowledge


How it works:

  • A meeting every 6 weeks:
    • Intervention of an expert on a current topic at the Maison de la Mécanique
    • Intervention of the top management of a customer or a distributor in our premises or on their site
    • Presentation of GIFEC member companies
    • Board of directors
  • An Export Club: monitoring export business opportunities, organising joint missions abroad, etc.
  • A Digital Commission: to demystify and learn about best practices in the field of digital technology, with the intervention of experts in each field
  • "Les Rencontres": a major event that brings together all members and distributor clients. They bring together around 200 people, in an exceptional location, to discuss a current theme with expert speakers
  • The "Congress" between members: to look in-depth at work themes and define Gifec's actions for the next two years
  • The annual general meeting organised on a member's industrial site
  • A monthly board meeting


Studies and indicators:

  • Analysis of market trends by segment
  • Short and medium term forecast
  • Monthly economic indices
  • Mapping of the different distribution markets
  • Purchasing potential by region...
  • Expectations and needs of end-customer buyers
  • Analysis of the various costs: sales forces, marketing, logistics, trade fairs, etc.



All Gifec members generate a turnover of over €1,000 million (2021) through distribution networks. This includes mainly the distribution of industrial supplies.

The total professional distribution is divided as follows:

By end-customer sector :