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Tuesday 25 OCTOBER
25/10/2022 | Agenda
Board meeting on oct 24th, followed by a Plenary Meeting on October 25 in Courbevoie

In the continuity of our work on the evolution of sales methods, we will approach the new methods of motivation and management of sales forces with the intervention of Gregory SPRIET, coach and mental trainer Fencing Team of France. Management trainer, former BtoB sales director. 

 - The new B2B sales environment and new sales profiles: bringing the marketing and sales frontier closer together, developing social selling, new organisations to adapt to hybrid work patterns, new career aspirations (development) personal (balance of life), cohabitation of different profiles of salespeople

- What’s new in the aspirations of sales people (standards and developments): recognition … non-financial, the search for meaning, social ethics and utility, confidence in its management, the quality of the bond, work organization and balance of life

- To adapt his manager, challenge and evolve his 3 positions of pilot, leader and coach

- To optimize its impact, develop its 4 quotients (contribution of high-level sport): Intellectual, Emotional, Relational and Physical  

  • Place: salle réunion LA ROTONDE - MAISON DE LA MECANIQUE
  • Address: 39 rue Louis Blanc - 92400 - Courbevoie -


new methods of motivating and managing sales forces

Tuesday 29 NOVEMBER
29/11/2022 | Agenda

what are the revolutions in the current and future DATA universe (Blockchain, NFT, Web3, Metaverse, etc.)

- What are the concrete impacts for enterprises (in general): individuals, new qualifications, new jobs and profiles, organisational models, ways of working, technical impact, certification pathways, the relationship with customers and distributors, the collection and exploitation of data, etc.

- What impacts in the industry at customer level, supplier distributors

How to prepare, what first steps?

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