Interprofessional Group of Manufacturers for Marketing Study
28/10/2021 | Gifec

New purchasing behaviours and best practices in terms of commercial relations through digital tools

The B2B digital revolution has begun and it will not stop! B2B buyers place more than half of their orders digitally, and that’s growing.

The Gifec members, continuing their work on the impact of digital technology on commercial relations, studied on 26 October, the new B2B purchasing behaviours through digital tools.

Bertrand CATUSSE from Inspiration management led this digital seminar with the help of Frédéric Toquin, who shared his expertise on "digital at the service" of buyer information, research and comparison, evaluation and loyalty. An English version of his keynote is available in the member area.

Our next seminar will focus on the evolution of industrial distribution through digital tools, new distribution methods and the case of industrial market places.