Interprofessional Group of Manufacturers for Marketing Study
19/11/2020 | Gifec

We had the pleasure of exchanging views with 3 major distribution leaders via video conference.

Gifec reaffirms its commitment to remain a necessary and privileged forum for the profession.

We had the pleasure of sharing the vision of three major retail leaders in a video conference as part of the "2020 Digital Meetings".

- Marie-Pierre Marchand, Managing Director of MABEO Industries

- Philippe Nantermoz, Managing Director of LEGALLAIS

- Franck Voisin, CEO France at RUBIX


They shared with us their business forecasts for the coming months and 2021.

They shared the actions they have put in place to =

- manage their company and their employees in this period of uncertainty.

-do you keep in touch with their clients and their teams?

Lastly, they told us what they expect from their suppliers after the COVID crisis.