Interprofessional Group of Manufacturers for Marketing Study
12/04/2022 | Gifec

Corporate Social Responsibility, a lever for competitiveness

At the plenary meeting of 29 March 2022, the members were numerous and happy to meet for lunch, then they discussed the subject of CSR  and Sustainable Development Goalswith Ecovadis and the FAIR group.

Many topics were discussed:

  • Responsible practices in supply chains: progress in CSR at the heart of the buyer/supplier relationship
  • CSR context on responsible practices in supply chains
  • 70% Of the social and environmental impact of companies comes from their supply chain
  • Global Supply Chain Due Diligence Regulations
  • Progress on responsible practices in supply chains
  • The trend of sustainable development and CSR supported by ... CEOs And Purchasing Directors
  • A significant gap between sustainability goals and their implementation
  • Responsible practices in supply chains: the Buyer/Supplier relationship, a beneficial and essential relationship
  • Responsible purchasing: what returns on investment?
  • Generating progress on responsible practices in supply chains: Good practices
  • How to integrate CSR ratings into the purchasing process
  • The advantages of SaaS solutions require a structured implementation

  The presentations of ecovadis and FAIR are available in the Gifec members' area (section documents-reports-of-meetings), along with additional documents on this essential subject.