Interprofessional Group of Manufacturers for Marketing Study
09/06/2021 | Gifec

New governance at Gifec

After 6 years at the Presidency of GIFEC, Philippe Chevalier (NTN SNR) and Thierry Delmas (Hutchinson) end their last mandate and hand over to Eric Pasquier (Emerson) and Serge Teyssier (Trelleborg).

Antonio Mariano (Gates) is appointed vice-president and will lead the Export Club.

Hervé Poulmar (Optibelt) remains Treasurer of the association.

This nomination is in line with the actions of Gifec since 50 years and we would like to thank Philippe and Thierry for their work and commitment over the years for the development of Gifec. We wish them good luck in their new lives outside the professional world.

From now on, Eric and Serge will continue the governance of the association with a sharing of tasks and decisions. They will have at heart to continue the actions engaged in order to make Gifec last in its mission of Marketing studies for industrial products. In particular, we will strengthen GIFEC's expertise in digital tools, the measurement of activity indicators and commercial performance. We will not forget what has made the strength of Gifec, sharing in a friendly atmosphere, and the ability to work together for the benefit of all members in the scrupulous respect of ethical rules.