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12/02/2024 | Sell, market, distribute

How AI serves business intelligence of the B2B sales force in the industry?

AI invests the business relationship in all directions, from prospecting to customer service, even recruiting and training future Industry 4.0 salespeople. We come back to the uses of artificial intelligence in industry and opportunities in terms of commercial relations. 

AI and its B2B uses in the industrial sector 

The conference entitled «The future is already here» presented by Stéphane Amarsy at Gifec on December 5 was an opportunity to address the themes related to the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Types of AI used in the business relationship

Industry players can leverage advances in generative and predictive AI to improve B2B customer relationships.

The ChatGPT application belongs to the category of generative AI that creates unique content without delay, which can be taken as is or reworked by B2B communication teams.

Predictive AI analyzes historical data, identifies patterns and time series to better anticipate risk situations, product needs, or future opportunities for the company.

Useful to keep the link at a lower cost

Thanks to fast and efficient operation, AI can take over part of the work of the B2B sales force. We mentioned it in the previous article on the subject, the temptation to delegate its tasks to AI is increasingly strong in times of economic uncertainty where buyers are frozen. Generative AI makes it possible to remain active in communication, present on social networks and in the minds, even with a tight budget. Conversational chatbots can also be used to answer the most frequent questions from prospects or customers.

Monitoring required at each stage

If it is possible to assign certain tasks to the AI, doing so without supervision is a risk. The sales team must never lose control of the content. Predictive AI can alert you to an imminent risk of malfunction and allow you to be more responsive on maintenance tasks. It also helps to anticipate fluctuations in demand and facilitate inventory management. AI is a valuable help, but not infallible.

With good monitoring, a company’s B2B sales force can use AI’s business intelligence for marketing automation, maintenance and remote monitoring actions as part of B2B customer service or to anticipate needs.

Practical applications for the B2B business relationship

Prospecting, first contact, follow-up of customer interactions… AI helps sales representatives at every stage of the B2B relationship, right up to the heart of their training.

Optimize prospecting and customize the B2B approach

B2B prospecting can be made more efficient and targeted through AI business intelligence. The machine can collect data, qualify leads and establish a first personalized contact.

AI can adjust the tone and content of the message based on what it knows about the recipient. It is up to the teams to feed the tool with the right data so that it can effectively meet the expectations of each prospect.

Better understand your B2B target

The smart digital tool can probe large datasets with trends that are useful to salespeople. Ideally, every prospect who connects to a social network, or who opens his mailbox, should only find targeted hooks on products that interest him. However, this requires a huge amount of work upstream to achieve ultra-fine targeting. AI’s business intelligence makes it possible to touch this ideal with a finger with a minimum of supervision.

Master the customer relationship

CRMs can use AI to optimize the management and automation of customer relationship tasks. Sales reps can also rely on generative intelligence to suggest ways to personalize messages. This allows us to move away from the usual communication patterns and models to create more proximity with the customer and maintain the bond of trust.

Generate B2B leads in bulk thanks to AI

Collecting data, tracking customer interactions, personalizing exchanges, predicting future behaviours… All these features enabled by the tools of business intelligence, also called «sales intelligence», promise a generation of leads of unparalleled efficiency. The sales force has the equivalent of an administrative assistant and a creative advisor in one tool.

When AI helps you recruit sales people

Business intelligence can also play the role of headhunter at the service of the HR pole in the industry. Prospects are not the only targets of targeted communication campaigns by companies in the sector. Young talents and experienced sales people are highly sought-after profiles

Sales people trained by AI

For salespeople already in place, AI offers coaching and training opportunities resulting from the aggregation of all the situations encountered so far in the company. How to respond effectively to a customer or prospect question? AI can direct the seller to the most appropriate answers, or list the recommended approaches and those to avoid.