Interprofessional Group of Manufacturers for Marketing Study
15/02/2022 | Gifec

The concept of "marketplace" and new distribution methods in the digital age

Gifec is continuing its work on new distribution methods in the digital age. At the end of 2021, we had already studied the evolution of buyer behavior in BtoB and new sales methods through digital tools. Gifec has published a "guide to good practices in video sales interviews". On January 18, Jeremy ROBIOLLE from XERFI presented us with the very instructive results of a study on growth strategies in BtoB e-commerce by 2023. Continuing our work, on the morning of February 15, many Gifec members took part in our new digital seminar "ZOOM" on MARKET PLACES. We had the pleasure of welcoming high quality guests who brought us their expertise and concrete examples of success:
  • - Nathalie Debourge - RS Components France e-business manager
  • - Stéphane Maffli - President RS Components France
  • - Sylvain Bureau - Head of the consulting division of Wizaplace - expert operator in industrial marketplaces
  • - Marvin Coulibando - Co-Founder & COO of - booming BtoB market place
We discussed around a round table with our guests the following topics:
- differences between BtoB market place, e-procurement and commercial site
- what are the major trends, benefits, best practices
- what are the different stages of setting up a Market place in BtoB.
Gifec members were then divided into subgroups and worked on the following questions:
- How does the "market place" model shake up distribution?
- What solutions do we have to support the rise of platforms
- What strategies should be put in place to maintain contact with the end customer?

The slides of the Wizaplace presentation and replay of the webinar are available on the Gifec members' area.