Interprofessional Group of Manufacturers for Marketing Study

Creation of Gifec

Creation of Gifec in the form of an economic interest grouping with 3M - Kléber - Norton - Paulstra - POE (Peugeot Outillage Electrique) - SAF - Sedis - SKF - Texrope as founders. Gifec had 14 member companies at the end of 1969.


First Fenetec conference

Gifec's first participation in the annual Fenetec (Federation of Industrial Distribution) conference


Gifec becomes an association

Creation of Gifec as an Association under the French Law of 1901 hosted in Paris - President: Pierre Arnould (Norton)


First economic indices

Creation of the first economic indices


New President

Jacques Leca (SAF) is the new president.
Until the beginning of the 1980s, four study trips abroad were made in order to understand the organisation of distribution and the use of computers (New York, Stockholm, London and Düsseldorf).


Setting up training sessions

Setting up training sessions for sales staff of technical traders with a consultant

From 1981

Change of President

Election of Fulbert Optyker (Facom) as President

Joint Gifec - Fenetec commissions have been set up on subjects such as the cost of distribution, the study of contracts, the commercial charter, stock management and restocking at distributors, etc.


First surveys

First survey on "Market potential by department"


Development of EDI exchanges

With Fenetec, creation of Edoni (Electronic Data Interchange for the trade and industry) to develop EDI exchanges between manufacturers and distributors


First "Distribution Meeting" at the Bagatelle Polo

First "Distribution Meeting" at the Polo de Bagatelle


Moving premises

Move to Courbevoie to the premises of the Federation of Mechanical Industries


ISO 9000 certification

Creation of Gifec Quality enabling distributors to obtain ISO 9000 certification with the help of their suppliers


First congress

1st Gifec congress between members in Marrakech


New president

Paul Kempf (SNR Roulements) was elected president. 

This decade was the initiative for the "Centrale des Bilans": an annual summary of the balance sheets of all distributors working with Gifec member manufacturers (documents published for 10 years)


New working group

Creation of a working group on "the evolution of distribution


New partner

Gifec is a partner in the creation of a new "Industrial Distribution Engineering" DUT


Creation of the website

Creation of the 1st Gifec website / First survey on sales force costs 


41 members

Gifec has 41 members


New graphic charter

New logo, new brochure


Creation of "European" Gifecs

Gifec goes beyond borders and helps to create "European" Gifecs (Germany and Spain)


New president

Noël Guichard (Sam Outillage) is elected president


First day seminar

Creation of the first day seminar allowing in-depth reflection on a central theme


Gifec day / New committee

Gifec day at a distributor / Creation of the Export Club


40 years!

Gifec celebrates its 40th anniversary at the Distribution Meetings


New partnership

Partnership with the IUT Lyon 1: days on their site to introduce students to the industrial world


49 members/New committee

The association has 49 members/Creation of the Digital Commission 


New governance

New governance with two presidents: Philippe Chevalier (NTN-SNR) and Thierry Delmas (Hutchinson Paulstra)


14th meeting

14th edition of the Meetings with Distribution


11th Members' Congress

Change management and sales force management


15 th Meetings

Artificial Intelligence for Business


12 th Congress

devoted to Gifec's 3-year strategy


First webinar with Philippe dessertine and main partners in distribution

Despite the unprecedented health and economic crisis, GIFEC members were reactive and innovative enough to meet in remote, interactive format on Zoom.

The first digital seminar was a success we have repeated in 2021 and 2022. This facilitated a constructive dialogue between GIFEC members, important players in the distribution sector and renowned experts.

The important thing is to keep the link alive. GIFEC has reaffirmed its commitment to remain an essential, special forum for dialogue in the profession 



13 th Congress

in remote, interactive format to keep the link alive despite the unprecedented health and economic crisis


New governance

After 6 years as President of GIFEC, Philippe Chevalier (NTN SNR) and Thierry Delmas (Hutchinson) are completing their last mandate and handing over to Eric Pasquier (Emerson) and Serge Teyssier (Trelleborg)


Monthly edition of the "Business Letter of Gifec" with the collaboration of XERFI

9 pages of analyses and trends on the basis of the CA declaration of the members of Gifec, but also the prices of raw materials, GDP, inflation and other economic indicators


16 th Meetings : 50th anniversary !

Gifec celebrates its 50th anniversary at the Distribution Meetings. The 16th edition of the "Rencontres du GIFEC" will be held in Lyon at the Intercontinental - Hôtel Dieu. And will bring together quality speakers, all the distributors of industrial supplies and all the manufacturers who are members of Gifec,  on the following themes: What is Europe's industrial future? What will be our choice of performance: economic, technological, ecological or human ?


The Gifec website is published in English

New members join us, bringing the number of Gifec members to 47


14 th congress in Marseille

The world of work is subject to new challenges that impact the daily lives of companies and their employees (advent of digital and DATA, CSR standards, new relationships at work, etc.). We reflected on: the challenges of change that result in our scopes of activity, the role of GIFEC (declined in roadmap to 2 years) with its members and distributors to accompany these changes.