Interprofessional Group of Manufacturers for Marketing Study
29/06/2021 | Gifec

Many Gifec members reflected on this vital theme following a strong demand from the congress at the end of March. Gifec will continue its work on the subject in the coming months.

Following its last congress, GIFEC decided to organize a reflection on the evolution of sales and management methods through digital tools. We therefore asked Inspiration Management to present its challenges and issues to us during the plenary meeting on June 29. The members were then able to put forward their expectations vis-à-vis Gifec in support of this vital theme.

Indeed, the digitalization of commercial relations had already started, but covid has considerably accelerated this transformation. We now have only the choice to adapt whatever the technical, generational or HR obstacles.
Through its privileged relationships with distribution, Gifec's role is also to understand how distribution is organized around digital tools. We will have to find the right balance between physical and virtual visit, and keep the link with the points of sale.
Gifec will continue its work on these different themes in the coming months.