Interprofessional Group of Manufacturers for Marketing Study
20/01/2022 | Gifec

growth strategies in BtoB Ecommerce by 2023 / growth strategies in BtoB Ecommerc

During the meeting of Gifec members on January 18, we analyzed the activity, then Jeremy ROBIOLLE presented to us the results of a study by Xerfi on growth strategies in BtoB Ecommerce, with a focus on the industrial purchasing platforms of Schneider and Thales. An English version of his keynote is available in the member area. methods through digital tools. Gifec has published a "guide to good practices in video sales interviews".

We will continue our work on February 15 with a focus on BtoB marketplaces. Quality speakers will share, with Gifec members, the main trends, the benefits and their best practices, also available in English.

 - An expert operator in setting up a marketplace

- A pioneering e-commerce distributor of industrial supplies

- the Co-Founder & COO of a booming BtoB market place