Interprofessional Group of Manufacturers for Marketing Study
Artificial Intelligence at the service of the company
Tuesday 29th Mai 2018 - BnF – Paris 13

Feedback on the event

A great success... The 15th GIFEC meeting on May 29th brought together around 200 people: user customers, whom we would like to thank in particular, distributors, manufacturers, not forgetting our partners and journalists in the profession. This evening was particularly appreciated by all the participants, so we wanted to give you the opportunity to remember all the good moments by watching a summary film of the evening, the entirety of the speakers' remarks, the interviews and information transmitted by our speakers. All these materials are available on this page. 

See you soon

The presidents, Philippe Chevalier & Thierry Delmas.

Artificial Intelligence at the service of the company

Summary video of the event

Speakers at the conference

Frédéric TADDEÏ
Journalist Host of our evening Little biography
« Reinvent training? » Little biography
Stéphane MALLARD
« Necessary changes in the business model of companies » Little biography
« Artificial Intelligence Challenges » Little biography
Director Le 101 Little biography
Caroline LOISEL
Founder of BE BIRDS Little biography
Little biography
Ahmed DRIF
CEO of CYM Little biography

Interviews with 17 participants

Thierry Cros – SECO TOOLS / Hervé Brelaud – NTN-SNR / Marie-Pierre Marchand – MABEO / Frédéric Taddeï / Yves-Olivier Soulier – ESCUDIER / Laurent Alexandre – DNA VISION / Stéphane Mallard – BLUE AGE / Cyril Ihssan – LE 101 / Guillaume Le Vézouet – CYM / Stéphane Roig – STANLEY BLACK & DECKER FACOM / Vianney Hamoir – COFAQ / Jean-Jayme Ramon – CIR / Pascal Robin – SEFI / Didier Duffault – INSPIRATIONS MANAGEMENT / Marcel Ducellier – DEXIS / Thierry Delmas – HUTCHINSON / Philippe Chevalier – NTN-SNR