Interprofessional Group of Manufacturers for Marketing Study

The Congresses, another of Gifec's highlights, are reserved for members and are scheduled every two years, alternating with the Distribution Meetings. Over two or three days, they allow for in-depth study of a defined theme, and are above all privileged moments of exchange and networking.

These seminars bring together around twenty members at each edition and are an opportunity for newcomers to integrate quickly, as the spirit of conviviality is the order of the day. They take place in two stages and the work is organised in sub-groups with feedback and synthesis, under the guidance of a facilitator:

- Reflections and exchanges on a topical theme chosen by the members  

- Organisation of Gifec actions and projects for the next two years

This year for the 12th edition, which took place at the end of May, the issue was to review the organisation of Gifec for the next 3 years. In order to achieve this, the members raised several issues concerning:

 - Commissions: current topics and topics to be defined.

- Extension of Gifec's scope to Europe.

- Economic foresight and technology watch.

- New organisation of the plenary meetings over 1 day around themes such as: experience, success stories, themes covered by the speakers.

- Opening of Gifec to other profiles (Type: HR, Digital Officer, Purchasing.)

- Communication: enhance Gifec's image on social networks by creating a Gifec label and continue to develop the website by making it more readable and dynamic. 

- The new challenges that Gifec will face.


A unique event for our profession.

This is essential to maintain the link between the participants and to maintain a welcome conviviality.

A privileged moment of constructive exchanges in a professional and relaxed atmosphere.

Allows you to open up your mind through exchanges and reflections on the future of our professions.

The need to take the time to discuss our experiences and approaches with colleagues.

2015 Congress

"Evolution of distribution: new channels, new stakeholders, what growth? "

2013 Congress

"Implementation of an e-commerce approach : strategy, impact on the sales function, e-marketing"

2011 Congress

Winning Salespeople in a Changing Environment and the Impact of New Technologies.

2017 Congress

"Support for change in companies and sales force management"